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So when I posted  “Beware Shankill rd, Someone who has deemed themselves as “The Craig’s List Police” Flagged me and removed my post and sent me this reply…
you post was not remvoed by shankill rd but by me  and every rant you post there will be remvoed and not just by flagging as I have reported you directly to CL adminstrators
this is not your person blog to rant about productions you don’t like
this list is for crew gigs
if you were stupid enough to take a job for a company you don’t like or you didn’t get paid that is your own fault, that doesn’t give you the right to rant here on this list
many of us work hard to keep this list free from violations
and to keep the list clean and free from people posting things like this.
each violation can cost you upto 1500, read the I accept  and the rules at CL they can fine you upto 1500 for violating the rules.
if you have a beef with shakill rd take it up with them, call the state, file a lawsuit, but don’t try to turn this into your own personal blog to rant  about your mistakes
this list could be full of this as lot of people are stupid like you and allow themselves to get ripped off by production companies
put up a  blog make sure it gets a good result in searches at google and yahoo and then those of us who are smart enough to check out the production companies we work for will know not to work for them.
but don’t think that those of us who do make good money from Cl will allow you to mis use the list and post prohibited ads
as we won’t and Cl will fine you the 1500 you agree to pay if you are violating the rules
This was my reply:

Wow, a personal attack. Calling me stupid and all the other shit. Well screw you. I was trying to help people. ALL OF WHOM GOT SCREWED BY THESE CLOWNS, and if you gave a crap you would understand. I was not aware of the policy and do apologise for that. It was only my intention to try and reach out to as many people I could.Since I know hundreds of people who actively search for work thru cl, and me being one of them, I just wanted to tell people the real deal. I would attempt to explain it in more detail but you obviously dont care. Fine, report me, I will make my case and see where it goes from there. People turn to crags list for a number of different reasons…I was only trying to help…So you go ahead and police cl all you want, call me all the names you want etc…I wont be intimidated by you or anyone else. I called all the unions, reported them to the labor board and consulted a lawyer about it, so cl was the last line of defence for all the poor folks who would have been coned into taking the gig as I was…I will never post on there again and in closing…go fuck yourself you coward, and it is already up on my blog and soon so will your reply.Im all for keeping CL clean, and I completely understand and agree with you, my posts  were a knee jerk reaction to a very painful and traumatic time and felt the need to try and help someone else. Oh and by the way, I got 27 replies saying thank you and only one asshole like you attempting to bitch me out. So suck it douche bag.Those r the people I care about.

These are my thoughts…

This dip shit is kinda right and kinda wrong…Yes, CL is no place for a sounding board for people to bitch because lets face it, this is an ego driven industry and people constantly bitch about the smallest and stupidest shit all the time…If there were no rules and no one to govern the site, we would be hard pressed to actually find a work gig because there would be nothing but rants. I get it. However…Someone posted a warning on there when they saw a post for the return of Shankill Rd looking for crew to complete the second half of Principal Photograpgy…They took it upon themselves to post a warning and mentioned me,Not by name but by situation and position (the Dolly Grip Got sick), so I took it upon myself to write my own post…The original poster only wrote a short paragraph and did not go into detail at all. It was one sided and although correct in Nature, needed to be balanced out a bit. Also, Like I said in my post, I dont go for anonymous crap…Everyone wants to be heard but no one has the balls to stand behind their thoughts with a name and a face attached..Not me. I WANT people to know that I will stand behind every word that comes out of my mouth. Now…That dosent mean I am right all the time..I am a human being and I make mistakes, but when your wrong your wrong and when your right your right..I have no problem uttering the words  “I stand corrected”..Only an idiot thinks their right all the time, a moron will disagree because they just dont get it and an asshole will disagree just to be…well…an asshole. Its their nature..Honestly…I am none of these. I have eaten plenty of crow and washed it down with vinager…All the while wearing egg on my face…But from all of that, I came out the other side stronger, smarter and most importantly…Just a little more humbled. There is nothing like looking like an idiot to bring you back down to earth…My point? Both people, the original poster and the jerk off who flagged and removed me did so, annonomously..Atleast I had the balls to use my real e mail addy and my real name…Reported me to Craig’s list Administrators? Fine me 1500? This dude must be on crack or something…I laugh every time I think of it…Imagine….when there are hookers and rapists, child molesters, thieves, con men and women…All the idiots of the world are doing business as usual on CL, but they are going to supposedly fine ME 1500? I highly doubt it…Plus…I didnt do anything wrong, or spiteful or illegal…All I was doing was trying to help people….So as a result of my post and a few follow up phone calls, the Production is going to pay the crew UP FRONT and there will be a SAG rep on site at all times to make sure they play by the rules…I must say, I am proud of myself… Had no one said or done anything who knows what could have happened????Speak your mind people, its the only way to change the world.


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wow im tired…

So I did a day play gig today and literally got my ass handed to me on a platter…We flew 3 12x’s a 6x and a ton of beach..We were inside outside inside outside up stairs down stairs upstairs down stairs…(intentionally no commas because the day ran like that so…………… so is my  sentence….) I am so sore i can barely move. We shot at Agua Dulca in the mountains…930 am call and shot into the night. Sucked because all the ins and outs, we were working up a sweat, then going out in the cold…It sure does play hell with your muscles…Hot then cold then hot and cold again…Now, my muscles are contracting and my body is starting to stiffen…No sleep for me tonight. I am going to be in hell in about 2 hours when my body catches up to my mind. Wow, Im in some pain but you know what?….It was worth every second. I love working hard. I love just busting ass all day and feeling just beat up from the street up at the end of the day…Nothing like it…Even though I feel like shit, I am happy as hell because I got to spend my day,  living the dream yet again, and I thank the stars and beyond that I get to do what I do.

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Im not Fabulous…

You have no idea how much energy it takes to be this friggin happy.

I am nobody. Living in a world full of somebody.I like myself, and I genuinely like other people. At times one can feel sorry for themselves and others, they can celebrate their existence by shouting from the rooftops. Duality. The constant thread of humanity that not only keeps us all crazy and guessing, but it’s the fondant of our lives that allow us to change and grow. Duality. The self-contradiction that allows us to do a complete about-face and go in a different direction…We all have to be different people at times. When we want to literally grab our bosses by the throat and shake them senseless, we look plainly into their eyes and nod or smile and submit like the dogs we are. Friends, Family, try telling them all the truth about how you really feel about shit and see how many invites you get for the holidays…Duality. The necessity of co-existance…Me? I’m no different. I am not hard to figure out if one is so inclined. All one has to do is pay attention and you can see all you really need to know about pretty much everyone…Obviously, you can’t see into a soul, and there is no way to know the inner you without direct contact,but just by paying attention, you can see enough to start painting pictures.
I live in the San Fernando Valley, I drive a pick up truck, and I am in the movie business…Or at least trying to be. I am 44 years old and have been in the entertainment business my entire adult life.Welcome to my train crash.

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